Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly Menu Aug 2010 week 1

Every week, I do a dinner menu for the Chaos Household. Planning ahead in this way means that I can shop more efficiently & therefore more economically; it takes the brain power effort out of the daily "WTF do I cook for dinner?" (because sometimes my brain has no power for that); & lastly it helps control the Chaos tribe because if they can see we are having Mexican for dinner on Friday night they dont have to ask me every day "When are we having Mexican?". The menu isn't set in stone, quite often things are tweaked or changed completely to allow for a fabulous & unexpected windfall of something seasonal, or the dire need for chinese takeaway & a glass of wine NOW. It's also useful to look back on past weeks for inspiration.
I wasnt going to post this because I thought it would be too boring but it seems I am asked alot in the real world what I am cooking for dinner, so it stands to reason that the virtual world might also be interested..
  • Sunday - Asian noodle salad with bang bang chicken. This was delicious, although the amount of fibre in the salad may have had some unexpected results for Mr BC.
  • Monday - Chicken Parmagiana (Vegetarian Option: Quorn Patty Parmagiana) with steamed pumpkin & green beans.
  • Tuesday - Osso Bucco with garlic mashed potatoes. (V.O: ricotta canelonni from freezer)
  • Wednesday - Pasta Bake with bolognaise, capsicum, cheese & olives. (V.O: same thing but sauce made without meat. Yes, that means I am making 2 sauces) This might need a side salad...
  • Thursday - BBQ Turkey Rissoles (V.O: BBQ Quorn Patty) with stoved potatoes & zucchini/onion hash.
  • Friday - Refried Bean Quesadilla's with fresh salsa (& sour cream, mmm), mexican rice & salad.
  • Saturday - Vegetable & lentil soup with nice bread.
  • Sunday - Something inspired by our fabulous local farmers market.

So there you have it. In case you hadn't guessed, Teenage Daughter is the Vegetarian Option. (I respect her choice, but as the cook & bottle washer I sometimes want to say 'Damn her love of animals!') If you would like the recipe for anything, please feel free to leave a comment & I will be happy to oblige. What are you cooking for dinner?

Bon Appetite!

Mrs BC



  1. I know this is late to be commenting but I have just joined as a follower of your blog. As someone with 2 under 2 1/2 yrs and a love of eating out I am really enjoying reading it. I was hoping to take you up on your offer to provide the recipes to your weekly menu, particularly the chicken parmigiana, the osso bucco, the turkey rissoles and the refried bean quesadilla's. If you need me to email you directly, let me know. Thanks!

  2. Hello & welcome Anonymous! But tell us your name, don't be shy!

    I will start posting these recipes very soon, promise.



Thanks for your comment!

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