Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fabtastic October

There has been lots of fabulousness around here, it's killing me.

It's been birthday week in the Chaos household! Mr BC & Teenage daughter have their birthday in the same week, (yes, every year) which means 2 cakes, 2 rounds of 'Happy Birthday to You', lots of presents & lots of birthday kisses. Neither the birthday girl or boy wanted a big deal this year, possibly they are still recovering from the Birthday Parachute Jump last year? 14000 feet is a bit hard to top, even for a couple of Scorpios...

Monkeyboy has come home from day care covered in wheals, slightly disconcerting. Parvovirus & chicken pox have both been doing the rounds but it didn't look anything like that. No temperature, no lethargy. Mr BC was having a semi mild panic attack, so we rushed the laughing, talkative child through his dinner/bath routine & got him to the docters, pronto. 'Oh, hives' says the Docter. 'Not contagious. Give him an antihistamine if needed' Monkeyboy wants none of this, but he does want ice cream. As usual.

Recently I organised a girls night out for the mums of The Gentlemans class. Because I wanted to go out & get pissed, & you know, I was being the change I wanted to see. Booked a restuarant, printed some invites. What a hoot! About 18 women turned up & had a fabbo time. By midnight there was 5 of us ready to kick on, but unfortunately the bar had shut, as had most of the other bars in this little peninsula. Sad faces all round. We couldn't even get a cab, & it had started to rain. Mr BC came to the rescue & impressed everyone greatly by driving us all home. At 1am. You legend, Mr BC!

Monkeyboy had his stitches out, & I wish they had given him anaesthetic for that. Him or me, I don't mind. His kindy photos came back this week, & they had photoshopped the stitches out. I called them to request an untouched photo, & they where flummoxed. 'We do this as a matter of course. We always photoshop scars & things out.' I am equally flummoxed. Why would you do that? Isn't a school photo a record of how they where at that moment in time, neo nazi haircut, facial stitches & all? Anyway, they are sending me a free untouched print in the mail. Maybe I'll change my mind when we recieve it?

I made these cakes for The Gentlemans school fete. This picture shows them un-iced, but they were a heart shaped buttercake filled with hundreds & thousands, with pink icing also covered in hundreds & thousands. I'm sure some little princess snapped that up quick smart. There was also a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing, & a coconut cinnamon butter ring cake. When we visited the fete that afternoon I am sad to say that no one wanted my spicy ring. It was sitting with all the flat fruit cakes & burnt biscuits, dejected. Poor spicy ring. I hope someone enjoyed it in the end.

My sister, the lovely Cheryl Ann, came to visit for 3 days! We shopped, we walked, we drank wine, we talked, we ate junk food, we drank cocktails..Awesomeness. I must have looked dodgy when I picked her up from the airport because I was randomly selected to be tested for 'essence of terrorist.' I have none. Thankfully that was all the little machine was testing for.

The Gentleman had his first school disco, which is pretty cool for a 5 year old. It was hard, but I resisted the dance floor. I was not at all tempted by the chicken dance, or the macarena. I must say, though, it was hard to stay seated for Nutbush Citylimits. The only thing besides my pride that kept me in my seat was the knowledge that this dance can only be done properly if you are drunk, & obviously the junior disco was a pretty dry affair.

Church house, hen house.....

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