Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summer in the Air

I love Summer.

I would also love autumn, winter & spring to visit my garden in all their glory, however I live in an area that could rename the seasons 'bloody hot'; 'A Bit Cool' (but only enough to pop on a cardigan, forget ugg boots) & 'Faark! How's this RAIN?'

It's always exciting to see Frangipanis coming into bloom.
I especially love pink ones, even though yellow & white have the best smell.

 And of course you know it's really Summer when there is a case of Mangos in the kitchen. You can tell it's the beginning of Summer, because the mangos are super large & perfectly ripe. If it was mid Summer, the mangos would be smaller & a bit over ripe, and the box would be larger & overflowing. Mid Summer mangos cost about $5 a box from the side of the road. Mangos from the beginning of Summer cost a bomb, & are backed into cases, not boxes. They are bought at an upmarket greengrocer. 
Still glorious.

Summer is the time to start pondering which swimming cosi is going to have the best tummy control. You can call them bathers or togs, whichever term you like. 
Stomach will still be an issue. 
This is a portrait of me by The Gentleman. See my beautiful dress? And my lovely hair? And all the hearts coming out of my head because I'm full of love? Awwww, sweet. 
My hands are clasped next to my face. The next bump down is my boobs.
The next bump sticking out there is my tummy!
I don't think a tankini is going to cut it.
Oh well, never mind...
Lucky I have a big happy smile anyways :-)

 The Day Lilies have almost finished blooming, & we are not even into December yet.
This one is called 'Triumphant Lily'.

 This year we are growing a Blueberry bush in a pot. I don't know if this is a good specimen or not; I've never seen them growing on the bush before. We have all grabbed a few berrys to nibble, & there seems to be plenty more. The berrys are sweet, not too tart at all. I wish they would ripen all at once, so I could bake with them, or make jam..

I made this recently, as per The Gentlemans request

Stuffed Calimari.
First make a simple risotto with shallots, parsley & chicken stock.
Loosly stuff squid tubes with the rissoto, secure with toothpicks.
Make a tomato sauce with onion, garlic, & white wine.
I secretly put an anchovie in with the onions, to deepen the flavour.
Put the calimari in an oven dish, pour over the sauce & bake, covered for about 20 minutes.
Serve with a few fresh veges from the garden.

Dinner in summer should be fresh, easy & clean tasting, & hopefully it won't enlarge your tummy!


  1. I love the sense of humour you seem to have about yourself. It's so important to embrace ourselves, rolls and all, don't you think?

    I have a miraculous swimsuit that just sucks it all in. It's electric blue and ruffled. I love it... unfortunately to pieces! I am going to be on the hunt for a newbie myself this year. x

  2. Ah well, there's no point being stoic without a sense of humour. Please share details of your swimsuit, old & new? xx


Thanks for your comment!

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