Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Valley Rattler: A Family Adventure

Mr BC comes from a family that gets very excited about trains, specifically, Steam Trains. They love them. They love to go to museums dedicated to them. They love to watch model trains. They organise visits, short trips & long trips on them. They adore them.

Me, not so much.

So when the MIL suggested a day out on the 'Valley Rattler', I wasn't that keen. But then I saw Mr BC trying to contain his excitement at the thought of such an adventure, I thought I would man up & take one for the team. It was only one day, & my family would love it.

Well they did. I did not. I tried. I tried really really hard. But it sucked. Now that it's over & I never have to do it again, I will stop wingeing about it & just leave you with some photos to commemorate the excitement.

The journey begins!

A large display at the train station. Well worth a look!

Look! Real steam!

Many enthusiastic amatuer dramatists accompanied our journey. Bonus!

They seemed very eager to chat with MonkeyBoy.

He seemed very keen to chat with them.

Jeez, he went on.
Ready for adventure: departure 9AM
Arriving at OneHorseBumFuck for a 30 minute morning tea stop with 500 jolly day trippers.
The Gentleman checks his wallet as the band strikes up 'Welcome Tourist Dollar'

MonkeyBoy making a spectacle of himself. Again.

Teenage Daughter in denial about the amenitys.
Yes, it really is that building with the squatting skeleton mural.

Back on the train, another opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

It's so green this time of year.

Look cows! Oh, you missed them.

Find a happy place.
The inlaws enjoying the cosy confines of our cabin. A 10 seater, very spacious!
You hardly noticed the 2 small boys at all, & they where soooo well behaved.
That esky takes up hardly any room.
When we arrived at Imbil the amatuer dramatists where staging a re enactment of a Bushranger hold up. 

This quickly deteriorated into everyone shooting each other. After a few hours to buy lunch & peruse the local shops, we came back to see the captured Bushranger being flogged, before once more, returning to our cabin for the long trip back.

Poor Nanny looks a little tired, unlike the Gentleman. Full of beans!

So, these pictures take us just past halfway through the day. I would like to share more but sadly I lost interest my phone ran out of charge. We eventually returned to the station at 5PM, ready for the 2 hour drive home.

The End.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time - especially the ones with the fake guns. :P

    Hm, I was about to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, but I don't think there were pilgrims in Australia. ...Happy... James Cook Day?

  2. Looks like quite an adventure & a fun day out :) Absolutely LOVE DD hair, she looks so grown up! Love to all x


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