Monday, May 16, 2011

Popping my Blog Meet Cherry

Photo credit - Little Harp Photography by Zoe Garner

One of the things I love about blogging is the feeling of camaraderie between bloggers. Although I am at heart the sort of person that is happy with my own company, I cannot deny the twinge of curious envy I felt at the many blog posts out there joyfully proclaiming that the friendships forged online carried through when meeting fellow bloggers in real life.

Dude, I wanted in.

L-R Zoe, Melissa, Danielle, Me, Suzie, Talia & Luke
Photo Credit - Little Harp Photography by Zoe Garner

So it was with an eager sort of nervousness that I drove up to the Sunshine Coast last weekend to meet some fellow bloggers in the flesh. And I am so glad I did!

The afternoon was organised by the calmly efficient Danielle, who bought her beautiful family along.

It was a smallish group so there was time to get to know everyone, which was fantastic because I was able to learn alot from these seasoned bloggers. I spent some time chatting with Talia who convinced me that it was OK to choose my level of anonymity - something I have been struggling with. (So hello world, my name is LISA! My children are named Teenage Daughter, The Gentleman, & Monkeyboy.)

Listening to Danielle, Melissa & Zoe talk about Twitter, facebook, & photobucket was an education in itself; & as a result of this there will soon be a few technical upgrades to this little blog. Also an upgrade to  my camera, or lack thereof! I was in complete appliance lust over Zoe & Danielle's beautiful cameras, plus I was pretty much the only non iphone owner there. Oh the shame!

Talia's husband & fellow blogger Luke had some great pointers about Google Chrome, & the lovely Suzie & her technical prowess showed me that even I should have business cards.

So the afternoon was entertaining, educational, & extremely enhanced by the beachy awesomeness of Moolooloaba's cafe strip. Thanks Danielle for organising it, you can be sure I will be at the next one.


  1. Woohoo. I'm always sooooo happy to meet another bloggers. They're always so cool. Just like me. ;) Watch out, you'll join the addicts soon too. The hello events stalkers. See you at the next one. o glad we got a chance to meet up.

    No iPhone... OOOOOO THE SHAME. ;)

  2. Jealous! And here's an award, pretty lady -

  3. Oooh Lisa this sounds like a lovely day with new friends!! Like Lydia, I'm slightly jealous! :)

  4. Wow that is great you can meet up with other bloggers. Sounds like a fun and informative day.

  5. No iphone here either! Nice to meet another blog meet newbie, hope to catch up again soon.

  6. Blogger meet ups are so nice, aren't they! Most people are so lovely. I've met some great peeps at these events. love them.

  7. So happy to hear it was a positive experience!! Lovely meeting you.

  8. Glad you had such a good time Lisa. It was really great to meet you!! Hopefully I'll see you at another one too!

  9. It sounds like you guys had a great time (and learnt a lot!) I know nothing about the technical side of blogging - maybe get some of these fabulous people to do some guest posts here and share their knowledge? x


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