Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday

I am a big fan of Good Taste magazine, but I am a bit embarrassed to say that I didn't know there was a website. That is turning 5 years old, for god's sake.

Yeah, what a noob!
Call yourself a foodie Mrs BC!

Things that make such an amazing website
  • It is a seriously huge website, with over 1.6 million unique visitors per month. (oh for those stats)
  • They bring together magazines such as Delicious, Super Food Ideas, Country Style, Master Chef & Good Taste to provide an index of over 23,000 recipes.
  • In the Taste Kitchen section, you can view other members favourite recipes or upload your own.
  • Marion Grasby (one of my fave Mastercheffers) is the new resident blogger.
  • They are having an amazing birthday giveaway, with the first prize being a gourmet trip for 2 to Thailand valued at  $11,000! How brilliant would that be?

Click here to enter's birthday giveaway. All you need to do is share your favourite recipe. 2nd prize is a Thermostat, & 3rd prize is an instant kitchen library of 10 cookbooks. (I'd almost rather the 3rd prize....)

Or just go check out the website, because it's pretty awesome!

Disclaimer - there ain't none! This is my opinion which I am happy to share for no money or product. I know, right!


  1. I love that magazine. Wouldn't it be fab to win even one of those prizes?

  2. I haven't bought the magazine but I love the website. I'm making some pumpkin and chickpea burgers from their website tonight!


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