Friday, February 10, 2012

I love Mix Apparel. I love the way it is fresh & stylish at super affordable prices. I love the way that every time I go to Coles, the clothing just seems to pop itself into my trolley without me (or more importantly, Mr BC) even noticing. I love the sales, & I love that new season's designs seem to come out all the time.

I especially love this $5 off voucher. Help yourself, you're welcome :)

Disclaimer - there is none. I did recieve a $5 off voucher, but you just did too!


  1. They have so many nice things but my wide shoulders exclude most of their clothes. Hopefully they will expand their sizes. The arms are awfully small on everything though.

    I've got one t shirt which I like but the sequins try to slice the skin on my arms and neck. Not nice!

  2. Waiting for out new huge Coles to open...big section of Mix :) I did pick up some $3 bargens but the other day at Coles in the next suburb...gotta lov that!

  3. I have been hearing about them, but haven't checked them out. I know what I'll be doing next time I'm at Kippa Ring. I love the Orange dress. I love orange at the moment. Rachel


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