Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Weekend in 10

Last week, my phone finally gave up the ghost.  My contract ran out last October & between children & laundry, I haven't had a chance to upgrade it until a few days ago. I haven't been able to take photos for ages, which is why I didn't get any photos of the Brisbane Bloggers meet up. Yeah, boohoo! I am loving my new Nokia N9 sick, although it seems a little temperamental. Yes I am a blogger. No, I don't have an iPhone. I don't have an iPad either, although I can get my hands on an etchasketch at short notice.

The recent rains have bought out all sorts of critters, including this gorgeous tree frog that hangs around our back door occasionally. We've also had all manner of bugs delightedly eating the new lush growth in the garden, but I'm not celebrating that just yet. Maybe in a few days with a spray bottle full of garlic chili tea.

Nothing lush about this tomato plant at the end of it's time, the Stevia looks great though, despite being regularly cut for iced tea! I don't know what cultivar this tomato is, it just started growing of it's own accord. One of the joys of using home made compost, you never know what will pop up! Those tomatoes where delicious & just the right quantity to put into this salad..

Crisp lettuce, homemade garlic croutons, bacon, tomatoes & cucumber with Caesar dressing on the side. Those are kumera oven baked fries behind the salad, & the lemon is for the chicken schnitzel that didn't get into the photo. I have no idea why this photo is on it's side, it isn't before I upload it to Blogger. Grrr Blogger! Stop being a little bitch!

Teenage Daughter's friend-who-is-a-boy, not to be confused with boyfriend, lives a little way into the countryside, which is a lovely drive on a Sunday afternoon. We even have to go through a level crossing, which is quite a novelty for me. After this you drive over a creek & then there are some cows on your left. I do yearn for a rural life, but I cannot leave the ocean. It's a difficult thing, perhaps I need to buy a few acres for the weekends? A little cottage to fix up/play with? Don't think I don't think about it every day...

This is what happens when you ask the boys in this house to smile for a photo. Actually that is the best photo I have seen of Mr BC for ages, normally he pulls this face when you aim a camera phone at him.

You are totally jealous right now, aren't you?  Step back ladies, he's all mine.

Said hello to Ganesh at the local nursery, as you do. That guy behind him looks a bit unhappy at his heavy load, you'd think Ganesh could lend one of his many hands. (Blogger! I said Knock.It.Off!)

Seedlings ready to go into the garden & start growing into a salad. 

Image from here

Mr BC & the boys went off camping on Saturday & boy was I excited to be Not Camping. Then they came home early because the boys wanted to sleep in their own beds. I was a bit disappointed but I still got to have noodle soup for dinner & finally got around to watching Bridesmaids, which everyone had positively raved to me about. In particular, many people had mentioned that the character of Megan (shown above) played by Melissa McCarthy, totally reminded them of me.


This was a funny character. Not to sound too whiny, but wtf gives with the comparison? Because we are both fat? Because I sometimes almost always wear my hair like that? Because we both wear pearls & love Labradors? Because we are both obtuse straight talkers? If I've ever had a bowel motion in a handbasin I am certainly repressing the memory. I don't have any security clearances, I don't know anything about taping a gun to my but crack & I have never seduced a US Air Marshall with a large sandwich.  Not yet, anyway, there is still time..

I know I've already made fun of Mr BC, but seriously - do not let your husband near your labelling device. 'Vanilla Sticks', anyone?

How was your weekend?



  1. Did you rotate your picture in Microsoft Office picture manager to rotate it? Because this can cause it to do this. Just rotate it in file using right click rotate clockwise or whatever. If not, I have no idea.

    Mmm tomato, eeew frogs and woot woo Mr BC. :D

  2. Do you know which end your noises come from? That is another way to step a little further away from the comparison. She was the best part of a really funny movie. Rachel

  3. Lol...just dont post any shots of "feelin the heat from the undercarriage" my girlfirnds and I laughed for hours after seeing Bridesmaid...she is our fav character. xx

  4. LOL, I love how you yell at blogger! You tell 'em! I yell at blogger for rotating my photos all funny too! Usually, if I go rotate them wrong, save them and reupload they'll show up right on blogger but what a PAIN.

    I dream for a rural life all the time too (and I don't even live in a big town). I'd love to have a few acres of land between me and my neighbors. Aw, the quiet.

  5. Oh I laughed in this post!!
    So much funny.
    Mr Bc looks quite the character but im sure he matches your persona described also hehe.
    Vanilla sticks??? Who labels that...A man hehehe
    glad you are doing well lovely.
    I also do not have a ipad/iphone..I do have an annoying android that crashes lots and a desktop pc that cavemen learnt how to create fire on;) Thanks google!!

  6. Etch-a-sketch... Snort! How I laughed! Thank you!


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