Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 things I have learnt from blogging

Here's cheers, Darling x
To be confident in myself as a blogger.
I might not have the most followers, or the highest stats, or the best giveaways, but I do enjoy doing something that a few people like to read about. I should be proud of that, it's why I started blogging. I am a delightfully individual snowflake, just like everyone else. Someone on twitter (please raise your hand) said that blogging is like running your own race, with blinkers on. Words to live by!

Yes that is a selfie in the bathroom, why do you ask?
I can dress for my figure, look smart AND be comfortable all at the same time.
It's true! Well, it's possible, there is hope. Lots of amazing blogs have inspired me to make more of an effort in my appearance. (Shut up! I'm getting there.. don't look at my hair! No, I will not iron.) These blogs will also tell you about what brands are best for what. That old chestnut about giving your self esteem a boost by dressing smartly is absolutely true. Be comfortable, & rock your own style.

This is Teenage Daughter, totally seizing that day.
Seize the day
At blog events, there will not be enough time to talk to everyone, so try & chat with as many people as you can, while you can. Otherwise you will look at the photos later & think "who are they again?' This is kinda true in real life as well, I really do feel that life is short so you have to get out there & do it. By the time you think about it, the moment's gone. I've had this mind worm for years, but blogging has really bought it home. Strike while the iron is hot!

How much fun does this look? Completely rut -free.
Get out of your rut.
Read lots of different blogs, try lots of different things. I don't have to stay in the confines of my 'genre'. There are so many blogs with so many interesting, funny, intelligent, wacky, informative things to read or do, why would I want to limit myself? There is no limit to what I am allowed.

Moving interstate was such a big step for us but I'm so glad we did it.
Anything is possible.
I need to stop the redundant thinking that says 'I can't, I'm not good enough, don't be stupid, forget about it'. That voice is just full of shit. Do you have that voice too? Think of something you have always wanted to do, some secret inner wish, some precious dream that is locked away in a box in a hidden room in your mind. Something that you have made countless excuses not to do. Google it, find a forum or a blog, someone has been there before & done it & has taken notes so that you can do it too. You really can do it. I wish I had given myself this advice decades ago!

Anne, you are a legend.
Get Organised.
Yes, I like to be organised but sometimes I like to think about being organised more than actually being organised. I'm calling myself out on this one. Every time I've been to a blogger meet up I have thought 'Wow! I really need business cards!' Do I have business cards? No. Do I need them? YES! Everyone likes to hand them out, it's like playing Go Fish. The most popular business card I have seen had a little parcel of home made coconut ice stuck to it, everyone wanted to have that business card. And then everyone blogged about it.

"Go on, ask me anything about Douglas MacArthur"
People who are experts like to talk about their knowledge.
In life, & online. I can't be an expert in everything (I know, hard to believe..snort) but I don't need to because there are experts out there on the internetz or at a blog event, (or at the hardware store or the tax accountants) willing to share some of their expertise. Keep your ears & eyes open, you will learn so much about blogging. So, so much. There are lots of super clever bloggers out there with lots of technical & blogging experience. Kind, generous bloggers. They are probably at a blog event to have fun though, not to conduct a coaching session. Be respectful, ask questions, & you will receive answers.

Hello Blogger Meet Up at Amicis, last year. What do you think Amy's beautiful baby is thinking?
"You said goodbye 30 minutes ago, Mum! Haven't you had enough fun??'
Have fun.
Life is meant to have a fair amount of fun in it. I should get out & enjoy it more often. Sometimes a scary thing like going to a blog event where I don't know anyone, turns out to be fun. Bloggers are notoriously friendly, something I didn't know when I fronted up to my first Hello Bloggers meet up. It was a beautiful surprise, & I suspect that more things in life would turn out to be lovely surprises if I gave them the opportunity. So if you are nervous about going to a Blog meet up, just do it. You will laugh, you will bond, there will be no awkward silences, and you will be hanging out for the next one.

Record the moments.
ALLLLLL the moments. Those gorgeous moments with your children, the stray quirky moments when you are out & about, the awesome wet-yourself-laughing moments. Take lots of photos, all the time, in case you want to blog about it later. At blogger events, everyone else will take photos & share them, but you want your own special take on the day. Lots of bloggers are extremely good photographers, lots are even professional photographers; but no one will have your point of view except you. Do you lie in bed wishing you had taken that photo that you didn't end up taking? Just me then...

Photo from that lucky girl in the middle. She's getting honked by notorious honkers SugerCoatIt & 5LittleReasons
When in Rome....
The Boob Grab, sometimes known as the Sensual Boob Honk. I have to address this. I can't speak for the rest of the country, but at Brisbane Hello Blogger Events it seems to be the equivalent of the Masonic secret handshake, except it is conducted at the end of the event, rather than the beginning. You can just go with it, laugh at those doing it, or run away & laugh at the photos later. Note this is only for lady bloggers. I'm not sure if I should apply this to real life...

So what say you? What have you learnt from the world of blogging?



  1. Haha. A great post. I was chuckling the whole way through.

    I've asked questions, loads of them, to anyone who will answer them. That is the ONLY secret to this blogging caper. And if the person you're asking won't answer, who needs them anyway. Lame.

  2. Thanks for the mention Mrs BC. I'm glad you liked it.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  3. You're hilarious! Great post as well.

    One day I hope to attend one of these mythical blogger events. I still don't really see myself as a blogger and there is boob honking going on without me!

  4. Very funny and great points. Will be watching for the boob honkers next meet...

  5. Classic....loved this post.

    In answering your final question, I think of the saying: Some will, some won't, so what! I've learnt many things but overall the biggest thing is some will like what you post, some won't, so what. As long as you love what you do, those true genuine loyal readers I'll see that and follow over time.

  6. I have learnt that blogging is fun and addictive.
    Bloggers are beautiful people who form an amazing network around the world.
    I learnt early in to stop being afraid of who I am and express that to the world.
    I have also learnt that Mrs BC rocks because she was one of my first followers and has been ever so lovely!!

  7. LOVE this post! Love everything about it! As always Mrs BC, some VERY wise words shared with the very best of humour.

    I think I have a bloggy crush on you ;) xx

  8. Such a fun read! A few comments. 1. LOVE your new header image. 2. Yes, I too take tons of photos in my bathroom. The lighting is very good in there. 3. LOL RE: the Boob Grab 4. hehehe, you spell organize with an S. I heart that. :)

  9. I love all your points and everyone comments.

    I have learnt not to be scared to be myself. I have always been shy and over analyse everything. Blog for me and if other people like it, that's cool too.

    And there are so many cool, supportive chicks out there.



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