Friday, March 30, 2012

Glasshouse Mountains

Mt Beerwah

Last weekend, we took the boys on a small bush walking adventure to the Glasshouse Mountains. There are 12 mountains that are actually the cooled plugs of ancient volcanoes. Erosion has taken away the outside of the volcano over millions of years, leaving the solid magma behind, which explains their distinctive shapes. (I cannot say the word 'magma'  without - in my head- using Dr Evil's accent. Just me? Hands up)

Someone once told me that they are called The Glasshouse mountains because of the amazing fauna that grows there, it's just like being in a glass house. This isn't true! Captain Cook named them because the shapes reminded him of the glass furnaces of his native Yorkshire. There is some pretty awesome flora and fauna though, and there are several rare and endangered plants that are only found in this area.

You can read the Aboriginal legends about the Glasshouse Mountains here.

Mt Coonowrin
Our bush walk turned out to be a lot shorter than we expected, as recent rains had made a lot of tracks unsafe. We went along the boundary walk of Mt Beerwah, which was a wet, but interesting few hours. It's so, I don't know.....relaxing? refreshing? soul replenishing? to be surrounded by untouched bushland. The calm, still, lush greenery both soothes and ignites at the same time. I tried to soak up that feeling, and hold a piece of it within me.

But I lost it somehow on the trip home.



  1. Hahahahahaha

    You and I are kindred spirits as I have posted almost the same post on my blog when out pair were a tad older than your two. Brenton was peeved the whole trip as his mobile reception was non existant whilst Rhiannon has a ball. Stu and I love it up that way for the same reasons you state.

    Love your pair of monkeys!

  2. Little monkeys!

    That area looks absolutely gorgeous. That's the problem with bushwalking. When it's finally cool enough to enjoy it the tracks are often wet. Boo.

    Yes, the word magma will forever be hijacked by the Dr Evil voice:)

  3. Boiling hot magma.
    Yep one of the many words ruined forever by Austin Powers.


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