Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goodbye Cubby House

In Sydney, I could rent this out for $150 a week!

When we first moved to Casa Chaos, we thought this old cubby house might last 6  months, if we didn't pull it down first. It was painted a not lovely green colour, it was full of rat poo, & for some reason it had about 50 half eaten glad wrapped sandwiches shoved into the gaps in the rafters. Ugh!

Many thanks to teenage daughter & her friend Mitchell for getting rid of the serious amount of rat poo & the sandwiches. Mr BC painted the cubby to match the house, and we replaced the dangerous ladder with some old boat steps. I turned an old filing cabinet into a planter & planted 2 different types of passion fruit, thinking it would be easy for the boys to eat fruit if it was there in their face. The pool slide stayed, it was clearly the best thing about the whole shanty town. The boys and their mates have loved playing in it for the last 4 years. However...

It was falling apart, it was unsafe, it was full of spiders, the carpet was mouldy & falling apart, green ants had nested in the flooring. That goddamn passion fruit had never taken off. The whole thing was an unpleasant, unsafe, eye sore.

So last weekend, down it came. I thought it would take a while, but it came down super quickly & was bundled off to the tip at the speed of lightning. Gorne!

It's so bare, I will have to buy more plants. Oh, so sad!

Leaving me this lovely clean space to potter about in gardening mode. It feels a bit bare, I might plant some tall conifers in pots to hide the neighbours. Also, it definitely needs a table and a few chairs. I kept the filing cabinet & lattice, to grow Jasmine on. I love Jasmine, do you? I have 3 different kinds growing about the place.  The boys don't play in the sandpit any more but I'm hesitant to get rid of it. I might put the compost bin there, maybe a worm farm..maybe plant a bin full of Kumera?..See Mr BC, there is no room for the boat here!

Terracotta pots helpfully painted with terracotta coloured paint.

A man at the tip was throwing away these terracotta pots, & was happy for them to go in our car, instead. What do you think should I plant ? They kinda look like I could grow a little cafe style hedge, but I don't think there is enough room for a cafe. Bulbs? Something taller? Herbs? Topiary? ..Bueller?

No I didn't grow the bananas, sadly.

The remains of the passion fruit vine prettying up the fruit bowl. About the only thing it's ever been useful for.


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  1. I'd want to plant some greens in those pots. Free food from the ground!

    Flowers are also pretty:)


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