Monday, March 12, 2012

Haunted Clocks

We have these 3 old clocks, passed down from Mr BCs ancestors. They are beautiful, but we don't use them as we would never remember to wind them up, we are so used to this digital age.

My Mother in law looked after them carefully, having them restored along the way, before bequeathing them to us. I plan on passing them on, one to each child.

This one belonged to Mr BC's great grandparents, it is the oldest & most valuable. It has already been claimed by teenage daughter. It lives in her room peacefully & quietly. (Just like teenage daughter)

This one belonged to Mr BC's beloved Poppa, or rather, it was a wedding present to Nanna & Poppa. (Mr BC carries a photo in his wallet of of him, aged about 6, with his Poppa, both smiling ear to ear in conspiracy. Thick as thieves.) This clock sits on the fridge by the back door. It isn't wound up, it never tick tocks, but occasionally it will chime loudly for no apparent reason. I do believe in spirits & I often think that Poppa's spirit is still around, watching over his dearest (& only) grandson. The clock seems to chime when one of the kids are having a tantrum or there is a loud argument going on - everyone stops what they where doing & stares wide eyed at the clock, & each other. Works a treat. Thanks, Poppa!

This clock belonged to Mr BC's great grandparents on his mothers side, it was a wedding present to them also. I cannot remember winding this clock in the past 3 years, but in the last 2 weeks it has been tick tocking away, keeping time & rewinding itself, which I didn't think it was able to doesn't chime but tick tocks loudly through our little wooden house. I've caught both Mr BC & Teenage daughter standing in front of the clock, watching it suspiciously.

Freaky deaky.

Do you have any heirloom type items in your house? Do you think they are haunted?
Do tell.



  1. How fun to have haunted clocks!! And I love the one that stops arguments, can I borrow that one? LOL

    I don't have any "items" per say that are haunted, but I live in my Grandmother's house. It's been in the family for over 50 years and was built in the 1870s so it has a lot of history beyond our family too. There are definitely spirits that wander through our house now and then. They don't usually care much about us, just using the house as a hub from one place to another. :)

  2. My Grandmother had a writing desk that she used often and after she died the handles on the drawers under the writing slope used to move and bang loudly every now and then. I think it was just her way of reminding us that she was still around.

  3. Oh that is so cool!!

    How the hell was I not following your blog already?! I swear I was... Anyway, I am now :)

  4. I love that you have historic clocks! I especially love they have a story to tell. Can't say I have any particularly haunted item but from time to time we get 'visitors' in our hallway (we live in a pretty old house :)). Freaky deaky alright!

  5. We live in an old house too. Love the way these homes breathe in Queensland weather. Your anti-arguing clock is glorious. Laughed my head off. Seriously, it's such a privilege to be handed heirlooms don't you think? They add the warmth of memory and the intrigue of history to our lives. I own lots of them!

  6. My Uncle lives in the house he grew up in. He has a cuckoo clock that came off the wall and landed in the middle of the living room (quite a distance from the wall). He thought the thunderstorm had something to do with it (and maybe it did), but my grandma remembers her curtain rod doing the same thing back when she still lived the home some years ago.

  7. Never heard of a haunted clock but I do have a grandfather clock that refuses to run if I don't wind it. Love it though!

    Great seeing everyone in Brisbane at Hello Blogger.


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