Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr BC Catchs Crabs

Mr BC has started fishing in the last few years, & he loves it. Sometimes he brings home a fish or two, and yesterday he bought home a mud crab! It was in a crab pot that had lost it's ID tag, & had blown from it's moorings, probably in the recent storms. This happens alot to crab pots.

Mr BC noticed it had a crab in it, so he bought the whole shebang home.
Gosh those monkeys where excited!

The Mud Crab really didn't want to get out of that crab pot, but if it had of stayed there it would have slowly starved to death.

Once it was out it was determined to get at Mr BCs fingers with it's claws.
Those claws can easily remove fingers, so Mr BC was being careful..

En Guarde!

Time to give the Monkeys a quick science lesson.. which point we discovered the Mud Crab was a Genny, or female. As huge and delicious as this crab looked, it had to go back. It's illegal to even have one in your possession.

Picture from here.
 This photo shows the difference between males and females, the female is at the bottom.

Back to where she was found. Good bye, Genny.
Go and make some boy babys we can keep!



  1. Thanks for the crab lesson Mrs BC. Those claws look fierce - what a brave manly man you have.

  2. Wow! Now i know how to tell the difference. The things you learn on the internet!


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