Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Dozen

Don't you think Easter is the best holiday? Friends, family, fun & food without huge amounts of angst, drama or debt.
Some nice chocolate, civilised weather, a few festivals if you please; it's just a lovely short, relaxing break. Despite scary clowns roaming the countryside.

Getting rid of that ramshackle cubby was the best thing ever, because the space has been turned into a cafe. The service is a bit dodgy sometimes but it is a lovely quiet place to sit. (please ignore that pile of builders rubble, it's a work in progress)

After relaxing at home for a while we hightailed it up to the Sunshine Coast, truly one of the most beautiful places in Australia.
It's only a few hours north of Brisbane, but you can see the vegetation getting greener as you head up the highway.

The Sunshine Coast is full of drop dead gorgeous beaches like this. I always catch myself daydreaming about moving here for good, and who can blame me? Perfection. I love that island, it reminds me of Kirrin Island from The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I want to row over there and discover an old castle before drinking lashings of ginger beer...

Monkeyboy riding his invisible Nimbus 2000 over Nanny's pool.
The weather is hot during the day, but crisp & delicious at night.

The Gentleman seems to have a bit more of a handle on his invisible Nimbus 2000.

Caught up with some lovely old friends for dinner and shared a few bottles of incredible wine. Mr BC and I bought these bottles the year we where married, 22 years ago. Gosh time flies! The cork might be crumbly but the wine was still spectacular....heheh.

This is me holding Charlie, the python (Eastern Spotted I think?). He is about 3 years old, and very beautiful. I love snakes, but Mr BC doesn't at all. His skin (Charlie's, not Mr BC) looks a bit milky because he is ready to shed; he was also pretty hungry and ready to feed - so if you don't want to see that look away after the next photo.

I forget this chicken's name, but I do remember she is a Silky, with one of those mop head arrangements and some lovely blue makeup on her jowls.
There was also a large black hen called Megatron & a tiny Chicky called Pippa.

Look away now if you are squeamish!

Charlie enjoying his dinner, while several paparazzi took photos. Didn't deter him a bit!
He is put in this small cage at mealtimes so he can grasp the food in his own time, rather than lunge at it while it is in your hand - if he does this he might accidentally bite you. He might not be poisonous but no one wants to be bitten by a snake.

Good to be home!

The best part about coming home was installing my new bin! For too long we have had a disgusting bin cluttering up the fung shoi of our kitchen-in-progress. Huge sense of peace & happiness, right there. I'm sure some of you can relate?

How was your Easter?



  1. I used to love feeding my friends snake! Still makes me feel a little icky though!

  2. I don't know what is scarier, the snake or the clown perambulating device!! Actually, I think it's a tie.

    You weekend looks amazing. Sunshine, swimming and wine sounds perfect!


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