Monday, April 16, 2012

Just one word

I love words. I love the English language (to be fair, it's the only one I know). I love using different words to express myself the way a painter might use different colours in the paint box. I love the pictures you can paint with words, the way you can luxuriate in a good book.  I've just finished Anne Rice's latest novel (The Wolf Gift) and I find her writing just so intoxicating. I wasn't looking forward to another book in the werewolf genre, but her writing made it acceptable, incredible even. It's like diving into a mystical ocean & bouncing out at the end, gasping for air.

I talk a lot, you could say it's a hobby. I talk way too much and always have, many people along the way have told me I over share. Oh, you like my boots? I love them, I bought them on sale yesterday at Myer for $60, what a bargain! I was going to buy this other brand but they where $240 and I decided I just liked these better, although the heel is a little high, originally I wanted a flat heel but I really like these, the leather is just so nice and they are soooo comfortable..I'm sure this is exhausting for some people, but strangely not for me.

Ironically, I really value clear & direct communication in others.In an effort at self improvement, I've been trying to edit myself. Trying to be more aware of the over share, be alert for eyes glazing over or looking for an escape. I figure I can channel this energy into other areas of my life, it's why I blog for heavens sake.

These thoughts bought me to wondering What if I only had one word to say for the rest of my life?

What would that word be? The word I use most is lovely, followed closely by beautiful. These words are not very practical. I tell my family constantly that I love them, but the word love is also not of much use..Imagine answering the following questions with either lovely, beautiful, or love.

Would you like one sugar or two?
Can I help you?
Would you care for another slice?
Is that your child trapped in that vending machine?
2 adults & 2 children to Brisbane?
Can you work at the canteen next Wednesday?
Chicken or fish?
Can you come to my tupperware party next Thursday?
Is that your child climbing on that display?
Do you want a glass of wine?

I suppose lovely might fit the bill in some of these circumstances, but the word I think is most practical and elegant (combined with a nod or shake of the head) is Thank you, in more ways than one. There is always something to be thankful for. For example, I'm thankful I am not limited to one word, and even if I was, I would still have the power to type.

What word would you choose if you could only choose one?



  1. My one word would be 'Awesome'. Of course I want more than one word though. Maybe 3. I think 3 would be able to cover just about any situation.

    The thought of only being able to speak one word for the rest of my life kind of freaks me out!

  2. Actually, my family has always used "lovely" as well. :-) When I try to switch it up I employ "fabulous" and "excellent" as well.



  3. Great post. But the question's too hard. I could never pick just one!


Thanks for your comment!

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