Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This might not be a popular opinion.

Fun fact - Lucy lawless & I share a birthday. Our time of birth is separated by exactly 3 hours, which accounts for me being born in Sydney & her being born in Auckland.

I have always thought it incredibly demeaning to attributing a bad mood to PMS. It's like saying 'Oh, come on, we all know the real reason you are angry'. It's not taking responsibility for your actions and being chauvinistically sexist in one fell swoop. Accusing a man of having PMS is all that with the extra insinuation that he must be some kind of girl, & therefore, weaker. Makes my fucking blood boil, man., I have a bad case of the cranky pants, despite having a lot to be happy about this week. A serious case of the Are You Shitting Me??? crazy eyed tense shoulders. And not just in the car park (Seriously, is it fucking pension day today? Why are these idiots in my way?)

Let me word vomit itemise it for you;

I have severe dissonance over my new phone. (dissonance is a fancy word for Why the fuck did I buy that?) I have been loyal to this brand in the boring extreme for the past decade (true, ask anyone) and I was very excited to get my hands on the 8MP camera android with all of it's fancy arse features. But do you know what? It's hugely difficult to format photos taken with this phone. I can't format them in Word Picture Manager, only in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but after they have been formatted, renamed & saved in a different file, the fucking picture will lose it's orientation (IE go sideways) after it has been uploaded to Blogger. I do not like dissing a brand on my blog, but after several emails & at least 3 agonising conversations with the Unhelp Desk, the problem is not resolved. This is affecting my blogging habits, and I am not happy. Their take seems to be that it is a 3rd party software issue & therefore not their problem, but hello? It's worked on all my other handsets of the same brand. Today this company started following me on twitter, & it made me feel like they are keeping tabs on me. Well, my blog is my opinion, so shove it, Nokia. Please don't leave me a comment telling me I should have gotten an iPhone, look at the picture above.

In other news, I don't like the mullet dress, and I am glad it seems to be on the way out. Business in the back, party in the front is not for me.  Also, I know I am short but I do not like super high cork wedge sandals.

I don't like Beyolage hair. (but I do like top deck chocolate.) I don't like cake pops. I'm not even that fussed on cup cakes.

I don't like The Biggest Loser, I can't bear to see the contestants yelled at. They are overweight, not criminals! I also don't like Young Talent Time. I'd like to be able to enjoy people singing on a stage, but I just can't. I especially don't like musical theatre, so no, I didn't see Mary Poppins although I've heard lots of people loved it.

I don't like it when my grammar or spelling is corrected, it makes me stabby. (yes I know that is not how you spell top deck hair) Also, why does the child who wets the bed insist on sleeping on the top bunk?? Do I really need to buy those hideous cork platform wedges?

I don't like being so negative, so I'll stop there, OK? Phew, that was cathartic. Hope we can still be friends.

What is your take on PMS? Do you have a workable solution for my mobile phone problem? What do you think of the mullet dress?

Is it wine thirty yet?


  1. Goooooooooose frabaaaaaaaaarrrrr say it with me now! haha Ah, one of those days/weeks eh? We all have em, I still love ya! I think accusing someone (especially women) of having PMS when they are just angry is such a cop out. It's the weasels way of pretending they are not being a douche. And more fool them for saying it if they really DO think you have PMS. There is nothing to get them a ticket to I-will-shoot-laser-beams-out-my-eyes-and-cause-your-stupid-peanut-head-to-explode town quicker than that remark. One of the best things about having a blog, you can rant about all these kinds of things and get all the sympathy you desire AND not have to listen to their moronic back chat! Woo! I have a very scientific formulae for dealing with such situations: whine=wine and the size of the glass is proportionate to the size of the whine. Hope you feel better now xx

  2. Oh and here's something else to cheer you up in case you hadn't noticed - you're 6 followers away from triple figures Warrior Princess! xx

  3. I like Sherri Bombs theory, the size of the whine = the size of the wine.

    I don't like the mullet dress, but I own one. It's not an extreme one but definitely party at the front and business at the back. I team it with really high wedges. Hahaha. I love my wedges, because I am uncoordinated and have short legs.

    I hate Balayage hair. In real life it usually looks dirty.

    Wine o'clock hits earlier in school holidays.

    Love the post. As usual, I was giggling.

  4. Have I been out of the country that long? WTF is a mullet dress? Is it specific to QLD?? After seeing so many graceful, elegant, modestly dressed Asian women for the past month or so it's a real shock to come to KL and see busloads of westerners with shorts halfway up their arses and tits out. Not such a good look I'm afraid. I also hate high heels of any description. Reminds me of foot binding. Helpless vulnerable women teetering around in ridiculous painful shoes that cause all sorts of foot problems in later life. Haven't worn a pair for over 20 years. Rant over.
    I have PMS now,(can you tell?) nice way to end the holiday huh? M knows after 22 years to NEVER state the obvious though, bless him.
    Hope your day has improved. Good luck with the phone. My Galaxy drives me batshit sometimes. xxx

  5. PMS effing sucks. As much as the mullet dress. You are awesome though xxx

  6. I avoid PMS and the nasty mood swings etc...just stay on the pill for a few months at a time...also stops me bleeding out every month. No advice on the phone, I just got a dammed if I join th iphone club and a BIG NO to any form of mullet :)

  7. I hate PMS just about as much as I love my mullet dress. The one I've never worn because I can't find the right shoes, accessories or place to wear it. It is my fashion nemesis and I will find somewhere to wear it if it kills me.

    The Biggest Loser Australia is shocking. A bunch of bogan trainers reassuring people that they will be okay to love one day. When they are skinny! Sheesh.

    My mobile phone has no reception here, my laptops wireless barely works and my desktop computer shits itself every 5 minutes. My husband is an IT guy and cannot seem to fix this. Grrr technology.

    I've got to make 5 casseroles and rice dishes and potato today. I'll think about it after I go out for breakfast!

    Have a happy weekend Mrs BC:)

  8. HaHa I will leave all the girly stuff to you lot, and try and help with the practical stuff, like us men are meant to do,
    If you upload a photo to any where else, are they loosing orientation or is it just blogger? maybe tell me a bit more of the details and i will try and help see if we can sort it for you! :)


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