Chaos Notes: Hospital Edition

Thank you everyone for the avalanche of big loves, well wishes, prayers and healing thoughts sent our way. The universe must have sat up and paid attention because yesterday my husband was released from hospital! There are lots of tests, medications and doctors visits in his immediate future, but apart from being very tired he is the same grumpy old Mr BC. (OK he is only grumpy because he is tired)

While sick hubs was in hospital, we had torrential rain here in Brisbane and my house flooded. Again. The boys went feral with some seriously bad behaviour. I know they where acting out because they where worried about their dad, but this fighting/yelling/constant whinging was like 8 weeks of school holidays condensed into 5 days and dude, I had a husband in hospital and my house was flooding - and lets not mention the laundry. I cannot thank enough the people who offered to help out, and I wish I had enlisted more of you. At one stage I dropped the boys off to a friend who serenely laughed at my instructions to sell them on the white slave market. When I picked them up two hours later she gave me some freshly baked banana bread. She has a special place in heaven.

The biggest star during this whole time has been Teenage Daughter, who wielded the wet and dry vac with expertise, while making beds, helping with shopping, and ignored her own sick boyfriend while being a brilliant babysitter. She has an excellent career in child care should she choose to pursue it. *Teenage Daughter runs screaming from the room.* Perhaps not...

During my stressful wait at the hospital when Mr BC was first bought in by ambulance, an elderly and very stylish woman noticed how upset I was and came over to give me a hug. If you know me in real life you will be laughing now, because I have serious personal space issues. This woman didn't pick up on that, but she did tell me she was psychic, and as she pressed her boobs into my face (!!!) she told me that my husband would be OK, she could tell it was serious but that he would survive. Turns out she was right, but it was all a bit awkward, really.

Hospitals are filled with so many characters. Everyone has a story. Sometimes it's hard not to be judgemental (the woman just out of rehab who's pain is very theatrical, who requests drugs at all hours of the day and night I can have everything but Rufies, Nurse..) But you cannot judge until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

The sweet faced young man with down syndrome, who hasn't spoken a word since his mother passed away a few years ago. Everyone was a bit shocked and teary when he waved goodbye to Mr BC as he left the ward.

The doctor overheard telling an obese man that if he (the patient) was in war time Poland, he could survive the war because he could live off his fat. Because you are so fat you could actually do that...I didn't see the patients reaction to this.

The elderly man who became delirious and started taking out his drips, tags and leads because he was off to see his mum.

The tiny lady who chirps to herself like a little bird, who turned 100 years old the week before. I have no idea what she is saying but her eyes look very intelligent.

The nurse that fusses over admin and protocol, but really knows her shiz when you get down to it. She spent time working in Papua New Guinea when she was younger. She had a very serious talk with my distraught 7 year old son, and assured him that it is important that his questions are answered as well, so he should ask anything he wants. He has a right to know what is going on and she is happy to tell him anything he needs to know. I love her immediately.

The student nurse who is quietly and calmly efficient, and who I'm sure is a future rock star of nursing. I'm convinced all she needs is the paper to say she's qualified. She is just that good.

The woman who's job it is to tell you to use your private health insurance, rather than stay on the public medical system. I think this is important, and valid, and I understand she has a job to do but she is so aggressively rude and overbearing I actually tell her to back off.  Later one of the nurses tells Mr BC she told her to fuck off. They are all super happy I am putting in a complaint.

So now we are all at home, happy and blessed and scared and a bit shocked. One day I will write a post called Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Are Chasing The Ambulance.
But not today.


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