Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chaos Notes - May 2012

I know, the month isn't finished yet - which is just as well because I have so much more to do. It's been a busy busy month and at times I have felt like my feet haven't touched the ground all day. Lucky I have this blog to record all the moments...

First things first! I have a winner to announce - the winner of the Baby Mum Mums is Ames - yay Ames! Please email your address and your baby will be nomming on num nums asap.

 You still have time to enter the Elastoplast competition for a $150 House voucher. I will be drawing the winner later tonight but first I have one more waterproof test to put this plaster through. This test may involve my husbands mobile phone..ALSO!! Please make sure you leave a valid email address with your entry, not Mr no-reply at blogger.

Bloggers Lunch at Waga Mamas. Crap service, but really yummy food and awesome company. L-R Talia (and her new cherub) Zoe, Leanne, Melissa, Rachel and her cherub. My cherub was off at the park with Zoe's cherub.  Hopefully being cherub like.

Tina Gray posted a recipe for her 'once in a blue moon' chicken made with cola, and one of her commenters turned out to be an absolute troll, righteous with indignation that this recipe was absolutely not suitable for children, or anyone. Which is all a load of crap, really. So I thought I would post a picture of Monkey Boy having a very nutritious breakfast.

It has been so cold lately, and most of the country replies to my face book whinging with stuff like 'Oh, you don't know cold - it is 4 degrees here!' And I think how mean, my barnacles are freezing off. And then I go to my garden and pick some tomatoes and think, hmm, maybe they are right. Maybe.

El Grande shop. Which almost broke my back carrying it up the stairs. And that whinge has nothing to do with the weather, thankyouverymuch

Mr BC is dong very well, thank you to everyone for your well wishes. He has a new found relaxation in fishing, and sometimes comes home with pictures of sea turtles. Lovely! Can you see it? In the middle? It's little head popping up?

Sometimes he actually comes home with a fish or two, which is also lovely.

And sometimes he comes home with other sea treasures for me to find. Took me ages to find this crab claw, but the smell gave it away. Ewwww. (Can you see my new curtains? They are replacing some truly hideous vertical blinds that made the lounge feel like a prison.)

Happy Sunday!


  1. Awesome round up post! Thanks for linking to my post. Who knew chicken could be so controversial?! Hope the little man enjoyed his breakfast! hehe.

  2. It certainly looks like awesome company at that lunch. You are so lucky to be surrounded by awesome people.


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