Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Don't be intolerant of Food Allergies!

I love food. I know, hard to believe *snort* but it's true. Preparing it, cooking it, shopping for it, reading about it, even eating it. I've always been a dedicated omnivore, and have refused to acknowledge my few food allergies because they would slow me down - I'm not giving up prawns for anyone, not even me. I only get a bit tingly in the tongue, promise. OK, I will back off on the Rock melon, because vomiting from both ends isn't pretty for anyone. But that's it.

So it was with some small shock that we discovered The Gentleman was allergic to dairy, soy AND wheat. Our initial relief at discovering the cause (and therefore, control) of his painful eczema was quickly followed by the question 'What do we feed him?' Plenty of rice and corn, as it turns out.

We quickly became experts at learning the language of food labels. Casein? Milk. Glucose? Is it made from wheat? If the product is Australian it probably is, better off with American lollies because they are made from glucose that derives from corn. Orange Juice? Only if it isn't calcium fortified, because that will contain some form of dairy. Hot Chips? Not from maccas, they are coated in wheat to enhance crispiness factor. It's a minefield, with unpleasant and sometimes dire consequences.

The Gentleman was lucky that we lived near several good health food stores that could supplement the unexciting allergy food section of the supermarket. He went without a lot though, including a decent first birthday cake. At this stage we where too scared to give him nuts or eggs, so his cake might have looked spectacular but it tasted really awful. Luckily he grew put of these allergies by the time he started school, but he still has trust issues with chocolate.

SO! Why this big long story? Because I want to tell you about Orgran products.They've been around for ages so they are very well trusted, but did you know they actually taste very good? I didn't, and I was genuinely shocked to discover this, when they sent me some Itsy Bitsy Bears lately. I actually wrote to the PR lady to tell her how surprised I was that they didn't taste like cardboard. If you need further proof, the children in this house demolished 2 packets over 24 hours. Yes, they hoovered up the Berry Choc and the Chocolate flavours. Pretty good for something that is free from gluten, wheat, dairy,egg, yeast, nuts, and soy.

Orgran also make a wide range of other foods suitable for allergy sufferers or vegans, and to help you even further they have a free app at the iPhone store! The Orgran Gluten Free Foods Recipe App has over 300 hundred recipes, which means you can still be a dedicated omnivore even if you or someone in your family has food allergies.

The Orgran Gluten Free Foods Recipe App is free to download here.

You can learn more about Orgran products here.

You can taste some Itsy Bitsy Bears  here!

Please leave me your best allergy friendly recipe in the comments section for your chance to win a packet of each flavour. Two prizes to be won, winners chosen and announced 30th May 2012. Australian residents only, sorry. AND because I love all of my readers you don't have to be a follower of this blog, so Lurkers you are welcome! (Please make sure you leave a valid email address though so I can contact you.)

Disclaimer - Orgran supplied me with 2 packets of Itsy Bitsy Bears for review purposes. All words and genuine enthusiasm are entirely my own.

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  1. I realised after our conversation the other day that I HAD seen your giveaway, cause I had downloaded the app! I just hadn't entered cause Lior's not on solids! But I'm sure these things last a little while, right? And it's probably a nice thing for him to chew on now anyway!

    I think the breakfast risotto is one of the best alergy free recipes I've thought up lately (I posted it on my blog here: )

    It's really simple (aborio rice, water, coconut milk and a bit of dextrose if you please), so it is...

    Diary free
    Lactose free
    Gluten free
    Sugar free
    Nut free
    Egg free
    Soy free
    Meat free
    Chemical and Preservative free!

    I know it sounds like there's nothing in it now... but it's still yum! You can make great variations based on what you're not allergic too as well. I like to add cocoa to make it 'chocolate', and other times various mashed fruits!


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