Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chaos Notes - Picture Edition

$79 bought me a red trench coat, black drawstring pants, purple shirt with shoulder detail, a black wool cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans.
Mix Apparel sent me a voucher to trial their new online ordering system, and can I just say it was VERY IMPRESSIVE. The site was easy to navigate, It was easy to change my mind about what was in my virtual trolley, you can order from a specials page (so you don't have to feel ripped off that you missed out on the amazing sales instore) AND shipping is free on orders over $50. They told me delivery might take 5 business days, but it took 2. And the biggest bonus is that thanks to the sizing chart everything fit really well! I am loving the skinny jeans, and those black pants, when I was expecting them to both not fit properly. (Disclaimer - Mix might have given me a voucher to purchase clothing but these words and enthusiasm are completely my own)

High res camera phones are awesome at picking up every wrinkle detail, aren't they?
 I took Rachel's advice and went to Beautiful You for a proper haircut from a liscenced hair doctor. I was happy to cut my own hair but unless I removed my own head I wouldn't have been able to cut it properly at the back. I have since dyed out that grey. I mean I like Morticia and all but..
(Disclaimer - Beautiful You don't even know I am writing this, and I paid for my own haircut)

Sometimes I think that Australians watch the price of bananas like others watch the price of oil, or gold. Was it this time last year that Cyclone Yassi had wiped out the banana growing region and forced the price up to $12 per kg? The price above almost created a stampede!

Is there anything better than a proper coffee in a sea of chaos?
Sometimes it's just the thing.

Casa Chaos Laundry: and this was before the rain set in.
Oh look, there is my mojo; I knew I'd lost it somewhere.

These are the photos the high res camera phone is made for!
Rainbow Lorikeet on a Pohutukawa hedge.

Mr BC's signature pancakes, served in bed, after a sleep in.
Stand back ladies, he's mine!

Shenanigans at Hungry Jacks.
(Shortly after this, one of these children will vomit spectacularly in that play area, hastening our exit.)

Heading out to the Museum for a rainy day afternoon.

I only took this a week ago, and I miss the sun already.
See that beautiful sparkly ocean? Doesn't look like that now.
Piss off rain! It's the school holidays!

I think all of Brisbane is dispairing at this weather. What are your suggestions for school holiday activitys that avoid the rain?



  1. As a (former) teacher, I am glad it is raining in the school holidays, and not in the school term. Wet lunches = HELL.

    Activites I would suggest though:
    Craft- pinterest has all the answers for this one!
    Make your own movies (stop motion is fun and easy- they can use a video camera, or just a normal camera. Normal movies where they act out a book they own or something is fun also. It can take up a few days because they can make props/costumes etc)
    Baking- bread or something that takes time, and that they can keep going back to is quite good.
    Write a story
    Singing in the rain. I am all for having a bit of fun out in the rain!! Just have a nice warm bath ready for when it's over!

    I'm sure there are plenty more ideas!

  2. I am loving your hair cut. It looks great. You did go for a big chop. I can't wait to see it in person in about 2 hours.

    I have given up on my house until the girls return to school.

    Rachel x

  3. YOUR HAIR!! Divine! So beautiful!! I am actually off to the hairdressers myself this arvo - ready for a big change!

  4. Love your new do! It can go with all your new clothes. Damn my wide shoulder that don't fit into any Mix clothes.

    My bowl is so full of bananas nowadays that I can even have two if I want. When they were the price of gold bullion I had to limit myself to half. The things we do!

  5. Love the hair cut!! - I've been looking to change mine but I'm scared of hair doctors!

    Oh, and those pancakes look to die for - you wouldn't consider a time share or loan I suppose ... ;-)

  6. Is that the awesome coat that you had on yesterday? Love it! I get crazy excited when I see cheap bananas! I buy bags of them & then have to throw them out but who cares......they were cheap! LOL! We are always playing with lego when it is raining outside & a tonne of boardgames. It is all fun & games until someone looses at UNO!


  7. It's all fun and games until someone vomits in the Hungry Jacks playground. Sorry, but pmsl! Those things always happen to me usually.
    Looove the new do. You look gorgeous.
    Off to mix online. We have no fabulous red trench coats or skinny jeans at our Mix store. Can't think why? xxx


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