Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Date Night

Last night, Mr BC and I attended the Brisbane premier of Rock of Ages. This movie celebrates the great era of big hair rock, think 1980s rock gods such as Metallica, Poison, Van Halen - you know, my usual play list! The storyline is not challenging, but the array of big name stars coupled with some hugely enjoyable dance scenes and heartfelt anthems/ballads more than make up for it.  I laughed alot. Just sit down and prepare to have fun. If you love Glee, this will be right up your ally.

We where invited to attend by The PR Company, who work with Village Roadshow. They invited 150 odd other people through their facebook page, who all turned up and had an absolute hoot! We collected our 'back stage pass', a goody bag containing some hair product, stick on nail polish kits, a temporary tattoo,  and most importantly; a rock star wig. Which everyone put on immediately so they could run over to the hairdressing installation and get their locks seen to before having their photo taken with a cardboard guitar. All to the awesome sound of a live (wigged) rock band playing next to the snack bar. Awesome!! 

Once in the theatre, the band moved in an sang a few Bon Jovi numbers as well as a hard core rendition of 'Turn your mobile phone off'. They had the very excited audience dancing, singing, jumping and playing air guitar, and then they started handing out prizes for the most animated! The prizes where ipad shaped and I seriously considered flashing my boobs in true hard rock chick style, but then remembered my age and thought I stood more chance of winning if I kept the girls hidden. Also - this was date night, so lets keep it classy! So I sat there in my platinum bob thinking smugly how some people where such whores for corporate branding. (That was both sarcasm and irony, in case you missed it) 

After the movie, 150 odd happy but wig free people wandered out into the crisp evening air. We kept our wigs on though. We went to Hungry Jacks and ate cheeseburgers while sitting in the window, and laughed at people who did a double take. Awesome.

So many thanks to The PR Company, for providing a super fun evening out to a couple of old rockers. And thanks especially for the validated parking. But hey!! This wasn't a sponsored post, The PR Company doesn't even know or care that I am a blogger. I just had an awesome night and wanted to tell you about it! If you want to follow The PR Company on facebook you can do so here, maybe they will have another movie premiere in the future. I hope so!

Are you ready to rock laugh?


  1. Love the do's!! I am super excited to be going to see this movie with hubby on the school holidays. We are going to send the girls to a kids movie while we have a day date!

  2. That is SO awesome!! I wish I had've known about this :( I can't wait to see the movie!! I am an older rocker trapped in the body of some young thang ;)


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