Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fishing Luck

Mr BC has a friend named Wally, that he goes fishing with. Wally is very lucky at fishing. He has a lot more luck than Mr BC.

The other weekend they where in the same boat, with the same gear, using the same bait. They cast off at the same time. Wally caught lots of fish, while Mr BC caught none. Mr BC even had Wally bait his hook but he still had no luck. Mr BC said that he was reduced to using his heaviest sinker and lowering it down in the hope that he might actually knock a fish out; still no fish. (Lucky Wally gave him some, he had enough to spare)

'Catch Wally's fish as they fly in the air!' Apparently this isn't funny.

So to be helpful, I googled for fishing luck and came across this information, from several sites: Bananas bring the very worst bad luck to any fishing endeavours. They will guarantee that you will not catch any fish. Even Banana Boat sunscreen, banana chips and banana lollies are considered bad luck by lots of fishermen. Bananas will cause your engine to stall, your rod to break and freak accidents to happen. It is customary to hide a banana on your opponents boat during fishing competitions.

But they where on special, so I bought a lot.

Sorry Babe. Guess you will take mandarins next time.

Other strange fishing superstitions include a lucky (or unlucky) hat; ensuring you break in a new rod at the 'right' place; 'holding your mouth right' whatever the hell that means; throwing the first fish back in for luck, or maybe that is throwing your luck away? Depends on who you listen to. Playing a guitar gently will bring the fish to the surface, but not a harmonica for gods sake because that will bring snakes; spitting on your bait brings luck; turning your pockets inside out is lucky.  And about a thousand more.

Are you superstitous? Do you have any tips for fishing luck?


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  1. On a rainy day you will always catch more fish!


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