Friday, June 8, 2012

House Obsession

I am a little house obsessed. One of my favourite things to do is cruise around, and fantasise about the possibilities of various homes. Think about how I would decorate them, change them, extend them. Who would have what bedroom, how the gardens would look. My style of decorating is individual and eccentric eclectic. I don't like houses that look like the showroom of freedom furniture. I really value the quirky.

I have a very strict criteria for this game of house fantasy - the houses must have at least 5 bedrooms, a pool, be spacious and near the ocean. Recently a particular moment of weather had me reminiscing for Pittwater Waters, in Sydney's Northern beaches. I grew up near here and between my dad's fishing and my grandfathers boat I spent many childhood hours peering into the cool clear depths of this beautiful area.

This house is a corker - a large ugly duckling, waiting for a fairy godmother to wave her wand in a mixed metaphor of fabulousness. Also - I have been in this house, almost 25 years ago! On the day I met Mr BC, I had planned to go to a party that night, with a friend. Mr BC was also invited but didn't plan on going, until he found out I was going...This house had been divided up and was rented out in sections, and the party was in one of these sections.. It was a large, loud party, but I do remember kissing Mr BC under the stars, in front of an incredible view..

17,000 Square metres in the middle of Pittwater. Unbelievable. Minutes to the beach, about 45 minutes to Sydney. Most of the property seems to be untouched bushland, and although it is being sold as a development possibility I know that the local council is extremely unhappy about trees being cut down, so good luck with that.

I would render the outside, and re landscape this garden area in true Sydney tropicalissimo style, keeping the fountain of course, and the tiles. The house was built in 1974, for "American Psychoanalyst and traveller Dr Victor Himmelwright". It has 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. If those walls could talk, I wonder what they would say?

I think this might be the back entrance, with another lovely water feature.
There is a three car garage out back, and a parking court in front for 6 cars. 
I have a vague memory of falling into a taxi in front of this water feature.

Don't you think a bit of render and some re landscaping would make a major difference? It seems a shame to demolish such an amazing house, I hope whoever buys it shows it some love, and reinvents it's former glory.

Most of the bedrooms are connected by these walkways, which seems a bit hotel like. What if it is raining and you have to make a mad dash to the kitchen? I don't like the idea of plastic cafe curtains, and shutters would shut it up and make it dark. Still, it might keep the kids in their room after bedtime. Maybe just live with it? I like that lawn..

Nice! I would add water, for a start. That building to the right is the male and female change rooms.

Hideous! That light box thing would be goneski's quick smart. I've got a feeling that behind that wallpaper is some empty space, I would love to find out. I would also change out the cupboards, but keep the tiles and the butchers block. Gleaming white cupboards, with glass fronts above and solid below. I would change the splash back to white subway tiles because I love them, even though they are so hot right now. Maybe remove those returns to open up the space? Or enclose it completely to make a butlers pantry. This would mean moving the appliances...I'm keeping those floor tiles though.

Begone, mangy carpet! Can the fireplace hood be removed to leave a straight mantel? Hope so. I love an open fireplace, and I love those arches, and the ceiling. And I love that everything opens onto the veranda and walkways. There are views of Pittwater out to the Pacific Ocean from all of these walkways..

Quick, render stat!! I do NOT like open brickwork, especially inside. That mantel needs replacing, too. Obviously new window furnishings and a different carpet, this one is going off to the skip, with it's odour of a thousand spilled bongs.

More mangy carpet, with a butt ugly pelmet. But so much space! *swoon*
I'm not sure if this is a bedroom or the dining room.

Which bathroom is uglier? This one?

Or this one?

I've got a feeling that there is mouldy chipboard under those tiles, ready to collapse from the weight of them. That wallpaper and the variety tile is making me feel a bit itchy..and check out the cabinet in the first bathroom!

I'm sorry, I cannot show these bathrooms any love.

A view, one of many. Heavenly.

What would you do to this house? Renovate or detonate?
(I think it needs a tennis court.)

You can more here, or if you have a spare $2.5 mil (plus that again to renovate) go ahead and buy it, but please invite me over for a drink.



  1. WOW! What a blank canvas! Total reno & bring it in to 2012. The works would be on my list! Yep, tennis court too but hay why not ad a helipad too!!

    Jos xx

  2. Oh I love it! Looking at ridiculously expensive houses on the internet is a favourite pastime of mine - then I spend time daydreaming about what life would be like if I lived there. Excellent way to procrastinate, I find!

  3. Oh, and yes, I would totes detonate and rebuild.

  4. You have a luxurious home. I wish I also have something like that.
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