Saturday, July 21, 2012

Children are Weird

The Gentleman took Kora, our new puppy, to school for his show and tell yesterday. We checked with the teacher who though it was a great idea; and being trained as a seeing eye dog, Kora was beautifully behaved in a room full of excited 7 year olds.

The Gentleman stood up and gave a very detailed talk about Kora, and how we've adopted her as she was unable to be a seeing eye dog. He went on to explain that Kora was very well behaved and had already been trained, how she had a microchip in case she gets lost; and then (for the sake of accuracy, I guess) he announced that "Kora couldn't have any babies because she had had an operation." At which point another boy stood up and announced (very clearly) that this meant 'HER UTERUS HAD BEEN REMOVED'.

All the kids lined up so they could take it in turns to pat Kora, who was very keen to lick one little boy in particular, on his leg. This boy explained to me that it was because Kora could smell his cat on him. Because last night, his cat came and did a wee on his bed in the middle of the night! And he woke up and it was gross! And he called to his mum, Muuu-uuuuummmm! And she came and cleaned up his bed, and he had to have a shower in the middle of the night! But he might have left some wee on his leg...

Finally, another boy commented on how soft Kora's ears where. Yes, I said, soft like velvet, sweet little child. This boy then told me to cut off her ears, and when they grow back, keep cutting them off, until I have enough to sew them together into a pillow, because that would be so soft and lovely.

And then I took my dog and left.



  1. Yes, run far away from that kid! Run like the wind!

  2. I would not leave your dog alone with these kids. Somehow I don't think their grasp on biology is quite solid enough for them to keep a dog alive for more than a day. :) Sounds like it was a fun time had by all, though. How'd the Gentleman like it?

  3. Oh yes i've heard of those pillows that would be lovely wouldn't it?

    Seriously wtf, honestly you wonder sometimes what and where from kids channel there crazy, don't you?

  4. Tee-heee!

    Best but about kids is the weird stuff they say!

  5. That's a great story. Sewing soft dog ears together is a little 'Silence of the Lambs' but comes from the heart!

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of Kora.

  6. LOL kids say the funniest things. Glad to hear you have a new addition to the family :)

  7. What kind of scary home decor must he have? Too funny!
    When Layla was born Min wanted to take her in for show and tell. I insisted on tagging along of course, but drew the line at a newborn being passed around the room. The 5 year olds were most disappointed.
    Glad that beautiful Kora is settling in well xxx

  8. Baaahaha. What an interesting class of kids. I love the removed uterus kid. Way to be super accurate man.

    Wait, that IS what happens, right?

    And the dog ear pillow kid, I'd keep an eye on him....


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