Monday, July 16, 2012

Puppy Love

So, we have a new puppy. Her name is Kora, and she is a black Labrador. She is gorgeous.

We have adopted her from the Guide Dogs Association. Every year, the Guide Dog Association trains (at great expense) dogs to be seeing eye dogs, but not all of them turn out to be suitable to this job. They might have a minor (or major) health issue, or behaviour problem. These dogs are re homed, and adopted out to families just like us. There is a screening process to go through, and a representative will come and inspect your house and yard, and spend some time chatting with you. Then you go on a wait list that might be 6 months or longer, but it is worth it.

We waited for what felt like ages, and then a few weeks ago they finally called to tell us about Kora! She is technically on a two week trial and then they will come back to do another inspection, and make sure that both dog and owner are happy. At first we told the boys we where only babysitting a dog, just in case ...... but after a few days we knew she was our forever dog. We also felt we where robbing them of that 'new puppy' excitement. I could see The Gentleman holding his emotions in check so he wouldn't be disappointed when the babysitting time was over. It made me feel sucky, so we spilled the beans once we where sure.

Kora will turn one year old in a few months, and she has a beautiful temperament. She is very intelligent, gentle and loving. She loves to play, and like most Labradors loves to eat. She has been trained by an expert trainer and would have been an excellent guide dog - except that while undergoing the stringent testing that all potential guide dogs undergo, she was found to have 2% retinal displaysia. This is so minor, it will make no difference to her life and will never progress; many dogs go through their lives happily unaware they have any retinal displaysia at all.

So Kora is unable to be a guide dog, which is a shame. But for us, this means we have a lovely new addition to our family. A beautiful dog who is a micro chipped, desexed, pedigreed Labrador. One who is house trained, vet checked, vaccinated and has already learnt not to chew anything. For a much reduced price. She spent the first few days walking around looking for something to do - you know when a new person starts in your office but hasn't been given any direction? That. We almost felt like giving her a job like mowing the lawn or something..

I think now she has realised that this is her new life, she is a bit more relaxed. She is very friendly and relaxed, loves to play, and has lots of energy. She is very sweet and wanders around the house saying goodnight to everyone. She has already been trained and knows lots of commands, but after the trial period is officially over we will be off to obedience classes, just to keep up the good work.

I think adopting Kora is going to be one of the best family decisions we have ever made.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from the Guide Dog Association, get onto their website and start the process! There is a different organisation in every state, so just google it. You won't regret it.



  1. Awwwww, she is just perfect! Here is too many doggy years of fun & love!

    Jos xx

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous!

    Adopting a 'rejected' guide dog is a great idea. You are all the winner because she gets a lovely forever home and you get a very smart and pre trained dog.

    And look at those beautiful dark eyes. I hope you all have a happy life together and enjoy this 'new dog' period:)

  3. Ahhh!! Can't believe you didn't tell me about this on Saturday night!! What a gorgeous girl she is, and most definitely well-trained so none of those 'new puppy' mishaps I bet. What a great thing to do, I bet everyone is enjoying having a lovely, smoochy new face in the house :)

  4. What a great idea! Adopting a guide dog - such a great way to have a puppy that couldnt work for them, but is so well trained that its perfect for families with kids!

    And she is so cute :)

  5. She is so darling! What a lovely way to gain a pet, Mrs BC. x

  6. You are so lucky to have such a lovely pet in your lives, and one with such a worthy pedigree. I grew up with dogs and I think I'm a better woman for it. My daughter has a chocolate coloured lab/kelpie. He's like a big boofie lab but he likes to stalk in the grass and jump high fences. He's brought her so much joy to her life, as well as lots of cuddles and loves.♥

  7. Oh yay for all of you, including the gorgeous Kora! She has certainly won the family jackpot, being adopted by the BC clan. The look on the Gentleman's face says it all - looks like he's in new best friend doggy

  8. She's beautiful! I think labs are one of the best dogs a family can own. My in-laws have had them for years and their current family member, Liza, is one of the most loving of the bunch. Here's wishing you and the new family member the best!


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